We are now recruiting Apprentices & Business Trainees for 2021!

Add Staff Apprenticeships

We are now recruiting Apprentices & Business Trainees for 2021!

With most high school’s finishing up, school leavers who are eager to succeed and commence a traineeship or apprenticeship are now looking now for fulltime employment.

When advertising for entry level administration or apprenticeship opportunities we receive upwards of 300 resumes from interested candidates. Despite the volume of applications we receive, the candidates with the right attitude, that genuinely want to do whatever is necessary to get the job are always the first to get snapped up.

It is for this reason, we recommend, if you are looking to recruit a school leaver, to commence recruiting activities as the school year wraps up.

Also, pending your business location and ability to meet the eligibility criteria, there are a few Government incentives that may come with employing a fresh school leaver:

If you would like to know more on hiring a school leaver and placing them into an apprenticeship or business traineeship, please email nadia@addstaff.com.au or call 1300 365 606 for more information.